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About June 25, 2011

About Jana (Fusion cook, writer, lover of all things delicious)

My love for cooking started right at home. Blessed with parents who are both wonderful cooks, food was nothing less than a labour of love in our home. Everything was always prepared from scratch with fresh ingredients, piquant herbs and exotic spices. As I learned more about the benefits of eating a more plant-based diet, I began to experiment with reinventing my parents’ traditional recipes to make them vegetarian.

I “feed” my passion by continually experimenting and pushing my creative boundaries. When time permits, I take cooking classes to learn more about incorporating super foods such as green leafy vegetables, hemp, raw juices and sprouts into my cooking repertoire. Oh, and did I mention raw cacao? Raw chocolate is my Kryptonite! Thanks for dropping by and I hope you come visit from time to time to join Alanna and I as we continue our food and yoga journey.

About Alanna (Yogini, Yoga Teacher and Globe Trotter)

The Eastern practices of healing including yoga, tai chi and meditation have fascinated me for years. Delving into these practices, I discovered that I had the ability to influence my own state of health, as well as bring harmony and well-being to my mind, body and spirit. What a revelation!

My understanding of these practices has been deepened by my passion for traveling through Asia, where I have been able to directly experience and learn about Eastern concepts of self-awareness and holistic health and have also had a few adventures along the way!

My desire to deepen my own Yoga practice and to share these discoveries with others led me to complete my Yoga Teacher Training in 2010. I was immediately drawn to the science of Ayurveda and its teachings regarding the body-mind connection, including nutrition, breath work and yoga postures. I realized that this was a powerful practice that I could easily encorporate into my daily life.

I am passionate about sharing these discoveries with other people in their journey towards a natural path of health and well-being and look forward to joining you on your adventure!


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Kate Says:

    Jana and Alanna – I’m glad to have discovered your blog.

  2. Jacqueline Says:

    Saw your post about Nepal on Lesley’s website! Stunning photos and what an amazing adventure! Have you ever been to Bhutan?

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