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Events November 26, 2011

Upcoming Workshop: January 21st, 2012 2-5 pm (Please note: deadline for registration is January 13, 2012)
Held at: Avonmore Community Hall – 7902-73 Ave
To Register: Please e-mail us at to inquire about workshops

Come and explore the Vata Dosha with specifically designed yoga poses and a delicious meal!

During the cooler months of Fall and Winter we focus on balancing the Vata Dosha which is dominant, when our climate becomes dry, airy and cold. The first part of our afternoon will be dedicated to a practice of yoga postures that can help to balance the Vata Dosha and during the second half of the afternoon we will share a delicious meal!

As a healthful diet is one important aspect of Ayurveda, we look forward to providing and sharing with you a home made vegetarian meal consisting of wholesome vata-balancing foods.


3 Responses to “Events”

  1. […] here, if you are craving some home made chocolate gelato, consider signing up for our next Vata workshop on January 21, 2011. […]

  2. […] given me has been the gift of YES. I say yes way more than I say no. I went to this Vata Dosha (come to the next one, it was fabulous!) because I said yes. Part of the event was a dinner afterwards. It was a Malaysian Fusion Vegan […]

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